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Cockroach Battles 2022

5 STEPS FOR COCKROACH MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Successful pest management professionals follow these five steps when providing cockroach management services, say those who answered Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) 2022 Cockroach Management Survey: Inspection – Tailor your inspection to the premises and take your time. A thorough inspection will help ensure treatments…
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Lizard Life Cycle

Introduction Lizards are scaly-skinned reptiles that fall under the order Squamata and the suborder Sauria. Lizards comprise more than 5,500 species that range in size from 2 cm to 3 meters in length with a slender tail. These species of Reptiles have survived for approximately 200 million years. The weight…
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Cockroach Life Cycle

Introduction: Cockroaches are considered to be insects that pose a threat, and we have all dealt with cockroach infestations in our homes. Roaches or cockroaches belong to the superorder Dictyoptera’s suborder Blattodea. The Dictyoptera class of insects includes cockroaches and mantids, which are distinguished by their flat, oval-shaped bodies, leathery…
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